Mikorin: Stop! Follow the script properly!!


Nozaki and Mikoshiba’s new OTP: Dating-sim protagonist x his nice-guy friend Tomoda

N I S H I N O Y A   Y U U | G U A R D I A N   D E I T Y 
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what doesn’t kill you leaves you lying awake at 2am wishing it had


but what if fanfic was illegal tho. and dudes would be coming up to you in the street like ppssssst. aye yo ma, I got that good shit. 30,000 word AU fic. yea yo I got dem ficlets if you into dat shit. whatchu need? some fluff? I got you ma. oh, you into angst? lemme hook you up with some good shit. PWP? you bet ma, I got that latest shit. hot off the presses. you know I got you boo. shh. shh. 


kuroken for anon !